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Flip like a VIP with our Premium Membership!

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Flip like a VIP with our Premium Membership!

A Premium Membership gets you a 2 Hour Jump every single day...along with a host of other benefits such as:

10% OFF our Diner.
10% OFF 1 Party per year.
50% OFF Socks.
Get 20% OFF for 2 Friends per day.
20% OFF Special Events & Seasonal Events.
FREE Spectators

A Premium Membership costs just £14.95 per month (minimum 3 month contract). Or £160 for the whole year (over 10% saving over a monthly contract).

There is a minimum 3 month term on a Flip Out Membership. The first payment is taken upfront with subsequent payments taken monthly automatically via your Debit / Credit Card.

A Flip Out Membership entitles the cardholder access to the arena of the store where they purchased the membership for 2 hours per day.

Memberships are only valid during Standard Sessions. The membership does not allow access to Stay & Play or any other special sessions or events; these sessions are separate from memberships & are chargeable.

The membership is only valid for use by one person. The membership cannot be used by multiple guests. Abuse of this rule will result in cancellation of the membership without refund.

You will be issued with a membership card on your first visit; you must bring this card every time you visit. If you lose your membership card, there will be a £2 charge for a replacement card.

If you make a booking using your membership & do not show up for the booking, there will be a £5 surcharge. You are able to cancel a booking up to 24 hours before the session is due to start without charge.

Please see full Terms & Conditions for details.

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Before your visit

  • Read Our Terms & Conditions 
  • Read Our Advice Before You Bounce
  • Sign Your Waiver & Watch Safety Video In Advance
  • Online Booking is COMPULSORY 
  • Purchase or bring Flip Out Socks
  • Arrive 30 Minutes Prior To Your Session  
  • Have a FLIPTASTIC time!

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