Ashford FlyCam Wristbands

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How to use FlyCam:

  • Make an account for FlyCam on one of our IPads at reception. Our team will set up your wristband and link it to your account.
  • Then download the app onto your phone to access your videos instantly or wait until later and access them by the web page using your log in details.
  • Once in the arena you can scan your wristbands at the scanning points around the arena.
  • Wait for the light to turn from red to green which will indicate that it is recording.
  • … then JUMP, JUMP, JUMP!!
  • When the light has turned back to red, the videos will automatically appear on your fly cam account.
  • The videos will stay on your account for 48 hours. You will have to either save them onto your phone or computer or share them on social media other wise they will be deleted.
  • Bring your wristband back every time you come and use it again and again and again…

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