Flip out Blackburn

Awesome Attractions

There are 13 awesome attractions at Flip Out Blackburn

  • Trampolines

    You'll have a fliptastic time as you bounce around on our legendary trampolines!

  • Kids Arena

    A selection of trampolines which are perfect for younger children

      you must be Under 7 years old

  • Kids & Adult Stunt Zones

    Must be taller than 1.2m to use the Adult Stunt Zone.

  • Ninja Wipeout

    You'll have to jump and duck to avoid being swiped off your podium by our revolving wipeout machine!

      you must be over 1.2m to use

  • Ninja Obstacle Course

    Complete our obstacle course and you'll become a certified Flip Out Ninja!

      you must be over 1.2m to use

  • Inflatable

    Must be over 1.2m to use the adult inflatable

  • Foam Pit

    Bounce from a trampoline into our soft foam pit. Remember to strike a pose in the air!

  • Toddler Soft Play

    Our soft play area that’s just for younger children to explore and play safely. Discover soft play options for all ages and abilities across our attractions.

      you must be Under 6 years old

  • Slamball

    Practise your slam dunks using our trampolines. It's better than basketball!

  • Party Rooms

    Chill out with food and drink in one of our party rooms which are included in party packages.

  • The Diner

    Fuel the fun with tasty food and drink from The Diner.

  • Penalty Shootout Zone

    Practice your penalties and test your goalkeeping skills.

  • Crazy Karts

    It's just as crazy as it sounds! Get ready to race your mates on our assortment of pedal karts. From drift karts to go karts, we've got it all!

      you must be over 1.2m to Race