Flip out Canary Wharf

Awesome Attractions

There are 11 awesome attractions at Flip Out Canary Wharf

  • Bumper Cars at Flip Out UK

    Bumper Cars

    Whether you like to dodge or bump 'em, you're guaranteed to have a smile on your face. It's a fairground classic. Note: Guests under 1m may not use this attraction. Guests 1m to 1.2m may ride, but must be whilst accompanied by an adult. Guests over 1.2m may ride solo.

  • A girl enjoying the Roller Rink at Flip Out UK

    Roller Rink

    Lace up and get skating! Our Roller Rink is a fun activity for the whole family. Note: Guests under 1.2m must be supervised by an adult whilst on the Roller Rink

  • Girls on Donut Slide at Flip Out UK

    Donut Slide

    Sit in a donut-shaped dinghy and whizz down our multi-coloured slide!

  • A man taking aim in the Laser Quest arena at Flip Out UK

    Laser Quest

    Stalk your opponents through our dark and futuristic Laser Quest arena. Take aim using your laser gun to score points.

      you must be over 1.2m to play

  • Crazy Karts at Flip Out UK

    Crazy Karts

    It's just as crazy as it sounds! Get ready to race your mates on our assortment of pedal karts. From drift karts to go karts, we've got it all!

  • A child taking aim at an interactive target with a football

    Interactive Football

    Aim for our interactive targets to score points against your mates!

  • The Ninja Playground at Flip Out UK

    Ninja Playground

    You'll have tonnes of fun as you take on our huge multi-level Ninja assault course!

  • PS5 controllers at Flip Out UK

    PS5 Station

    Enjoy gaming? Then this is your stop! Enjoy your favourites from Minecraft to Fifa, there's something for all ages!

  • A crawling child playing in the Soft Play area at Flip Out UK

    Toddler Soft Play

    Our soft play area that’s just for younger children to explore and play safely. Discover soft play options for all ages and abilities across our attractions. For guests under 1.2m only.

  • Children enjoying a birthday party at Flip Out UK

    Party Rooms

    Chill out with food and drink in one of our party rooms which are included in party packages.

  • A child enjoying a meal at a Flip Out UK Diner

    The Diner

    Fuel the fun with tasty food and drink from The Diner.