Flip out Chester

Awesome Attractions

There are 14 awesome attractions at Flip Out Chester

  • Trampolines

    You'll have a fliptastic time as you bounce around on our legendary trampolines!

  • Drop Slides

    Feel the adrenaline rush as you zoom down our slides!

  • Cyber Tower

    Make your way to the top of the tower as you climb through obstacles on each level.

      you must be over 1.2m to climb

  • Interactive Football

    Aim for our interactive targets to score points against your mates! You'll need to wear closed toe shoes to play.

  • Laser Quest

    Stalk your opponents through our dark and futuristic Laser Quest arena. Take aim using your laser gun to score points. You'll need to wear closed toe shoes to take part in Laser Quest.

      you must be over 1.2m to use

  • Battle Cannon Arena

    Teams battle against each other by firing sponge ball cannons at anyone who runs the gauntlet in the ball collection zone!

  • E-Karting

    Feel the need for speed! Race against friends and family on our indoor electric karting track as you chase that podium finish. You'll need to wear closed toe shoes for E-Karting.

      you must be over 1m to use

  • Inflatable

    Run, bounce and jump on our inflatable!

  • Kids Arena

    A selection of trampolines which are perfect for younger children

  • Foam Pit

    Sorry - this attraction is currently closed.

  • Party Rooms

    Chill out with food and drink in one of our party rooms which are included in party packages.

  • The Diner

    Fuel the fun with tasty food and drink from The Diner.

  • Arcades

    We've got a range of classic arcade games for you to enjoy. Additional charges apply*

  • Roller Rink

    Lace up and get skating! Our Roller Rink is a fun activity for the whole family, no matter their ability, and you're being active too so it's a win-win.

      you must be Over 5 years old to use