Flip out Southampton

Awesome Attractions

There are 8 awesome attractions at Flip Out Southampton!

  • Trampolines

    You'll have a fliptastic time as you bounce around on our legendary trampolines!

  • Inflatable Obstacle Course

    Run, climb, bounce and slide through our inflatable obstacle course.

  • Stunt Zone

    For the more experienced jumpers. You can jump on to our trampolines from raised boxes. Please note that an ability test is required to enter this area of our park. If you are unable to complete the ability test, you will not be allowed to use the stunt zone.

  • Soft Play

    Soft play is perfect for toddlers, where they can explore and play safely.

  • Tumble Tracks

    A longer and narrower trampoline for you to bounce along

  • Drop Slides

    Feel the adrenaline rush as you zoom down our slides! Long sleeved trousers & tops are required to use the drop slide.

  • Party Rooms

    Chill out with food and drink in one of our party rooms which are included in party packages.

  • The Diner

    Fuel the fun with tasty food and drink from The Diner.