Flip out Stoke

Awesome Attractions

There are 12 awesome attractions at Flip Out Stoke!

  • Trampolines

    You'll have a fliptastic time as you bounce around on our legendary trampolines!

  • Kids Arena

    A selection of trampolines which are perfect for younger children

      you must be Under 7 years old

  • Foam Pit

    Bounce from a trampoline into our soft foam pit. Remember to strike a pose in the air!

  • Bronco

    The bucking bronco is a wild ride! How long can you hold on for?

      you must be over 1.2m to use

  • Ninja Wipeout

    You'll have to jump and duck to avoid being swiped off your podium by our revolving wipeout machine!

      you must be over 1.2m to use

  • Stunt Zone

    For the more experienced jumpers. You can jump on to our trampolines from raised boxes.

  • Inflatable

    Run, bounce and jump on our inflatable!

  • Soft Play

    Soft play is perfect for toddlers, where they can explore and play safely.

      you must be Under 6 years old

  • 4v4 Football & Basketball

    Play 4v4 on our inflatable and choose from either football or basketball

  • Go Karts

    Got the need for speed? Ride around our electric go kart track. This is an additional paying product and is £2 per go. Card only.

  • Party Rooms

    Chill out with food and drink in one of our party rooms which are included in party packages.

  • The Diner

    Fuel the fun with tasty food and drink from The Diner. We're also serving Rijo 42 coffee for the grown ups!